HT Light


2003 - German and French engineers are setting up four of the most biggest foreign projects in Russian Federation, and build greenfield plants for the most known manufacturer in the world.

2010 - After delivery and successful startup for VW, Bonduelle, Liebherr, some of them decided to stay in Russia and continu to develop hight quality projects.

Need to know

  • We are searching Importer

    Facing our rampup in several countries, we are searching importer and dealers in North America, South America, Austria, Africa, Europe. To know more, please contact us..

  • New luminaire LED

    Luminaire LED with IP69K protection index for industrie or officesLumos Maxima.

  • Energy saving

    It's, of course, the key point for LED luminaire or overwise the LED technology. If you are reducing your energy consumption in your plant or home, you are reducing the costs necessary to produce electrical energy. And each of you is participating our world to reduce the consumption of necessary ressources. Each of you will help the system to switch on more economical and green way, and so you will contribute to protect our planet for the future generations.

  • Russian Federation takes the necessary counter measure to reduce the energy consumption.

    23 November 2009 President D.A. Medviediev sign the federal law 261 who obligate each industry to keep the necessary measure to reduce the energy consumption.

Our point of view

luminaire lumière, industrie, ip69, IP69K
The protection our planet is in our hands. Energy saving is an everyday movement that we can to to reduce the consumption of natural ressources in our everyday life and contirbute to save our world for the futre generations.
Today, the actual generation, governements, manufacturers have to insure the perenity of our planet when acting on economical way and giving priority for renewable energyies or green energies and on the developpment and usage of energy economical devices. It is our duty, obligation and task, not only to solve the problems and issue today, but to keep in place the necessary countermeasure to insure the further generations a safe way of life where our children can live and grow up in a safe and nice world where it will be a pleasure to enjoy life.